Fozzie Bear CostumeDo you love the Muppets? Are you looking for a Muppets Costume?

Then you’re in the right place because we have many costumes and costume ideas for several of the Muppets characters like possibly a Fozzie Bear costume.

And if you don’t mind while you’re here, I’d like to introduce you to a few of my good friends and maybe even  suggest a few Muppets costumes to you.

You know, I’ll bet that you have already probably been invited to a few different Halloween parties this year too – or maybe even a few that you’re planning to throw of your own – and that is exactly why you’ve started working on which Muppets outfit that you’ll be wearing this Halloween today.

So, while you’re here I encourage you to consider any of the Muppets Costume that we have to offer for both adults and kids (teens, toddlers, and even infants) today. Why? Because I’ll bet you that your Muppets Costume will surely be unique, one of a kind, and probably even the hit of the party! And with a little care it can be a Halloween outfit that you can wear for more than one event.

It really doesn’t matter whether if you’re youthful or “more mature”, if you happen to be male or female,  or whether or not you’re big in size or small if you want to wear a Muppets costume. It doesn’t even matter who you really are or what you really do “in real life” because from time to time we all like to step into a world of fantasy and become another character don’t we? And if that’s the case, and you want to wear a Muppets costume you couldn’t choose a better holiday to do this at than at Halloween!Muppets Gonzo Costume

It doesn’t even matter if you’re dressing up in Muppet costumes for a parade, at a theme party, during Halloween celebrations, at some sort of masquerade party or at a school play, or maybe something else all together, dressing up can be a fun way of escaping the real world, even if only for a few hours every once in a while. So, see what you think of the Muppets costumes on this page and throughout this Muppets Costume site.

So, how about a Gonzo Muppets costume this year?

Gonzo is the weird looking little Muppets character that nobody really knows for sure what he is. One thing we do know for sure -  he can who perform amazing feats of skill and bravery easily.

This little superhero is certainly a great  muppet character to have on your side! And if you decide to dress up in a Gonzo Muppets costume ( as seen to the right), you definitely get all of the following:  a wonderful and highly detailed Gonzo half mask, a bright yellow “Gonzo the Great” shirt highlighting those strong, fuzzy blue arms. There is even an attached vest, bright red shorts, a snazzy red and yellow superhero cape, bright blue fuzzy leg socks, and a pair of blue Gonzo gloves.

The Muppets Miss Piggy Adult Costume is a favorite!

Just what can you say about Miss Piggy? Or “Piggy” as she is so often called, the femme fatale of the Muppets universe, what a babe looking for moi? She is the absolute center of the Muppets world (well, according to her anyway)!Muppets Miss Piggy Deluxe Adult Womens Costume

So, have you decided to dress up as “The Pig” this year? Then you’ll certainly be looking incredibly spectacular (so what else is new?) when you stroll down any red carpet event this year dressed up in this bee-u-ti-ful Miss Piggy Costume ensemble!

And if you decide that this is the perfect Muppets costume for you, just know that it includes a very chic, flowing red gown, a “Miss Piggy” wig (including her sweet little “Miss Piggy Ears”). You’ll also get long white glovelets, a sweet white pearl necklace, and, last but not least, even a piggy nose to complete this look.

Kermit the Frog Muppets Costume

Last but not least, here is a Muppets costume for the main man himself – Kermit the Frog. And perhaps the most talented of all the Muppets characters because of all that he can do -  he sings, he dances, and he tells jokes too!

And in this Muppets costume Kermit looks ultra spiffy too. Ready to go out on the town, maybe even out on the red carpet with Miss Piggy – he is looking green and grand, almost like Muppet royalty!Muppets Kermit the Frog Costume

So what do you get with this wonderful Kermit the Frog ensemble? This Kermit the Frog Muppets Costume includes a wonderful black tuxedo jumpsuit that also includes green boot covers, a Kermit the Frog mask, and matching green gloves. Just what the Doctor ordered – if your Doctor is Kermit the Frog that is!

And that’s just a few of the many Muppets costumes that you can choose from to wear at Halloween or any other occasion. Want to wear a  Muppets Costume but not sure which one you want to wear? No problem, because we have several different Muppet character costumes right here in the pages of this site so please look through them all and I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like to wear.

Check back often and I’m sure you’ll find something new that you didn’t see on your last visit to:  We will offer several Muppet masks, accessories, costumes and so much more every day and hope you enjoy the Muppet videos too that we have added to make your visit more enjoyable.

So, I hope you have fun browsing through the Muppets Costume that we have available here. And if you see a picture you like, just click on that photo to learn more or even to order it right away before Halloween gets here! Happy Halloween!